Dead Effect 2 VR is live on Steam early access


Early Access for Dead Effect 2 VR has been released on Steam. If you have Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, you can download the game here.

Dead Effect 2 for consoles has been released!


Dead Effect 2 for consoles has been released. You can download PS4 version here and XBOX One here.

Dead Effect 2 in its full version has been released on Steam!


Dead Effect 2 for PC&MAC has been released on Steam recently and now you can also try a demo for free if you wish to check it out first.

Dead Effect 2 beta is live on Steam!


You’ll be able to go through the story from the beginning to the end without interruptions - on your own, or with your friends in cooperative mode.  We also added PvP multiplayer for up to 8 players.

Enjoy the game now, or wait  one week for the full release!

Dead Effect 2 is live on Steam early access


BadFly Interactive has launched the long-awaited PC version of their successful game, Dead Effect 2, on Steam Early Access. One of the most anticipated features is the cooperative multiplayer mode, where the players can go through all game levels and special missions with the help of one or two other players.

The studio will publish several updates to the Early Access version, building up to the full release in May/June 2016.

Dead Effect 2 was released with an initial discount of 20%, you can get it on Steam.

Major update for Dead Effect 2 coming soon


As a pre-Christmas treat, the developers of Dead Effect 2 will serve their fans a big portion of new content and items in a big update, planned to release in about a week. The update will bring not only bug and crash fixes, but also - and most importantly - a number of new levels and special missions, shiny new weapons and gear items in the store and additional hours of gory fun. The exact release date and contents of the update will be announced in the coming days.

Dead Effect 2 for PC and MAC is officially in the works!


BadFly Interactive have just announced in the Steam forums that they are working on a desktop version of their award-winning sci-fi sequel. The developers want to enlist the help of their community in testing and tuning the early versions of the build, especially the cooperative multiplayer mode, which will be included in the game right from the beginning. The exact date when the game will appear in Steam Early Access is yet to be announced, but according to the studio’s official announcement, it won’t take long.

Dead Effect 2 for iOS and Android has been released!


The story of the Dead Effect project continues. After months of blood, sweat and tears our heroes rise again tonight to face danger far greater than anything they have ever fought. Join them on their quest for freedom!

You can download Dead Effect 2 for free from Google Play or App Store.

Dead Effect 2 official release date announced


Right in time for E3 in Los Angeles, BadFly Interactive announced the official release date for Dead Effect 2. The game is coming out in the middle of September 2015 and will be chock full of top-notch graphics, upgradable weapons of various calibers and sizes, new types of deadly enemies, and most of all, it will offer a complex and enticing story supplemented by a number of individual missions. Head to the official Dead Effect 2 website for more news and the official trailer:

Dead Effect 2 is coming!


We have launched a website for our upcoming game - Dead Effect 2 where you can find more informations about the game as well as screenshots and videos.

Dead Effect for PC & MAC has been released


Dead Effect for PC & MAC has been released in its full version! Thanks to the success of the Early Access game and the support of our fans, we were able to finish the game. We have come a long way since the first PC/MAC version in terms of both quality and playability. The improvements are huge, ranging from upgraded graphics to new enemies and abilities. You can find the full game on Steam.

Big things have small beginnings


It's finally here. Another huge step for our team, which will keep us alive. We've managed to find a partner for the development of our games - Synot


Synot's help will allow us to realize our plans and dreams for the future. Thanks to this lottery giant's considerable financial support, we were able to boost our development and bolster our ranks. Synot has also allowed us to have complete creative freedom. Together we have established a new company, BadFly Interactive a.s., with a goal to develop great games.

With these new resources and contacts, we want to do things faster and more effectively. Our main goal is to finish our new title, Dead Effect 2, within the next 10 months. We hope that it'll become a new favorite among our fans. We’re also planning to finish work on Dead Effect 1 for the PC and MAC by Christmas of this year, including various language mutations.

BadFly Dev Team.