TauCeti Technology Benchmark demo out NOW!


Hey community,

We are proud to celebrate our 6th anniversary of BadFly Interactive studio!

And as of the special occasion, we have an amazing surprise for you – a demo of our dream game FOR FREE to try on your hi-end mobile devices!

Search for TauCeti Technology Benchmark on your store:

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Enjoy and let us know what you think!


Your BFI

New TauCeti trailer LIVE


Hey TauCeti hunters,

Although we have kept silent for quite a while, we are now happy and ready to update you on our TauCeti Unknown Origin dev news and share some new cool glimpses of our game with you!

For our recent game promotion at Gamescom 2019, we have created an exciting trailer capturing current TauCeti´s Early Alpha look and feel. Check it out now ….!


TauCeti Unknown Origin will challenge your skills to the maximum. It will amaze you with its exotic, rough and hostile semi-open world filled with various organic predators with often unpredictable and surprising behavior.

But remember, it’s only during the DAY when you have a chance to gather all kinds of supplies from both the planet and the wrecks of your unfortunate colony shop and use them to upgrade your equipment. The ultimate weapons and the epic gear will become accessible only after you'll locate extremely valuable blueprints. Luckily, you won't have to travel the planet surface just on foot. As soon as you manage to build one of flying hovercrafts, you'll be able to explore faster... and you'll have a much better chance to escape the packs of hungry predators.

The day on TauCeti is dangerous, but when the NIGHT comes, it becomes much worse as the mightiest and scariest blood-thirsty beasts wake up and look for prey to devour. If you manage to get secured in the base, you can spend the night there... Although your sleep will be often interrupted by their howling outside. But there are some treasured things and knowledge you will find only if you brave the deadly night on TauCeti. And if you survive it :)

Cheers to you, TauCeti survivors!

Your BFI Team

Game Access TauCeti Unknown Origin trailer has arrived!


We are proud to introduce our first preview of TauCeti Unknown Origin gameplay presented exclusively at Game Access Conference in Brno, Czech Republic, 1.-2. June 2018.

Check it out NOW here!

The first preview of TAUCETI UNKNOWN ORIGIN exclusively at Game ACCESS 2018!


It´s our pleasure to announce the very first demonstration of our upcoming game TauCeti Unknown Origin at the Game Access Conference on June, 1.-2. held in Brno, in the Czech Republic.

TauCeti Unknown Origin has become one of the most anticipated game titles and we are ready to show you its first playable version, a concept of TauCeti Unknown Origin in detail, as well as to share some of our plans about its future.

Visit our booth #P5 in the Game Access Conference Hall and experience the wild world of TauCeti Unknown Origin!

More info and completely new trailer are coming soon!

D-Day has come! Dead Effect 2 VR launched officially on Steam NOW!


We are proud to announce the official release of Dead Effect 2 VR, the latest and greatest installment to our critically acclaimed franchise, inviting players to experience a new dimension of terror! Having just completed BETA and Early Access, the game offers an action-packed Sci-Fi journey in glorious VR, promising to push the boundaries of first-person shooters with its improved levels, slick visuals, rich narrative, and RPG elements. The game is available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and offers 15 hours of a single-player story campaign, Co-op (up to 3 players), and Multiplayer & PvP battles (up to 8 players).

Steam Store: http://store.steampowered.com/app/646200/Dead_Effect_2_VR/

Official VR trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AdGR_EEQ6A

Official Dead Effect 2 VR Press Kit: http://deadeffect.com/!de/presentation/DE2VR_PressKit.zip

Find full log of edits, fixes, and changes HERE



We are proud to announce that Dead Effect 2 VR has been shortlisted for the 35th Golden Joystick Awards 2017. The game is one of the nominees in the Best VR Game category and thanks to YOUR VOTE it has a chance to win.


ATTENTION - At the end of the list with categories, you have to SUBMIT your vote. Otherwise, your vote DOES NOT COUNT!

You can vote until November 3 . The winners will be revealed on November 17.

Full Dead Effect 2 VR is LIVE, now in BETA


In Dead Effect 2 VR you can enjoy the full content, level cap has been raised to the final 20, there are new story missions, more weapons and a lot more now.

Although the game comes in the BETA in all its glory, it is still too early to celebrate. Until the last phase of testing shows how the game stands. Stay tuned. We are only one step away from the official full release on Steam!

See the full log of all changes, fixes, and additions  HERE

The game with NO LIMITS – TAUCETI Unknown Origin


It is our great pleasure to announce the work on brand new IP - TAUCETI Unknown Origin -  the real existing world alongside with unlimited game opportunities.

More info about the game HERE

Check the teaser out HERE

NEW Update 1.2. Dead Effect 2 VR is LIVE


Ready to experience MULTIPLAYER in Dead Effect 2 VR officially?

We would like to show up with the best we have in the game. Its getting pretty hot,  so we better challenge you with the coolest stuff ever.

Update 1.2. is all about fixes, improvements but mainly about new features. Now you can play with your pals in COOP mode, or against them in PvP mode! And there´s some new stuff for lonely wolves among you - namely 5 new story missions, some new maps and level cap increased to 15 which gives you access to epic equipment!

We add a very handy feature as well - integrated voice chat for the multiplayer, so now can chat with random strangers or curse them when they're faster than you are in the deathmatch. We've also added other audio options so you can now control the volume of the sounds with greater precision.

Full change log HERE

Dead Effect 2 VR is live on Steam early access


Early Access for Dead Effect 2 VR has been released on Steam. If you have Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, you can download the game here. 

Are you desperate of truly terrifying and immersive action-packet FPS game? Dead Effect 2 VR is the right one!

The game has been recreated from the ground-up with VR-optimized controls, weapon dual-wielding, improved weapon models and storyline to scare the living bejeezus out of players.

Apart of horror experience and plenty of unpredictable zombies, player´s mission is quite simple - to seize control over monster-infested ship, uncover its dark secrets and make it out in one piece.

Game´s armoury is packed with tons of upgradeable weapons including shotguns, samurai swords, machine guns, grenades and mines. The Early Access version has over a dozen weapons with more to follow in future updates.

Early Access version of game launches with 10 hours of single-player campaign content. For those who are looking for more combat and loot, there are four additional game modes - Biohazard, Survival, Lone Wolf and Infestation.

Dead Effect 2 for consoles has been released!


Dead Effect 2 for consoles has been released. You can download PS4 version here and XBOX One here.

Dead Effect 2 in its full version has been released on Steam!


Dead Effect 2 for PC&MAC has been released on Steam recently and now you can also try a demo for free if you wish to check it out first.

Dead Effect 2 beta is live on Steam!


You’ll be able to go through the story from the beginning to the end without interruptions - on your own, or with your friends in cooperative mode.  We also added PvP multiplayer for up to 8 players.

Enjoy the game now, or wait  one week for the full release!

Dead Effect 2 is live on Steam early access


BadFly Interactive has launched the long-awaited PC version of their successful game, Dead Effect 2, on Steam Early Access. One of the most anticipated features is the cooperative multiplayer mode, where the players can go through all game levels and special missions with the help of one or two other players.

The studio will publish several updates to the Early Access version, building up to the full release in May/June 2016.

Dead Effect 2 was released with an initial discount of 20%, you can get it on Steam.

Major update for Dead Effect 2 coming soon


As a pre-Christmas treat, the developers of Dead Effect 2 will serve their fans a big portion of new content and items in a big update, planned to release in about a week. The update will bring not only bug and crash fixes, but also - and most importantly - a number of new levels and special missions, shiny new weapons and gear items in the store and additional hours of gory fun. The exact release date and contents of the update will be announced in the coming days.

Dead Effect 2 for PC and MAC is officially in the works!


BadFly Interactive have just announced in the Steam forums that they are working on a desktop version of their award-winning sci-fi sequel. The developers want to enlist the help of their community in testing and tuning the early versions of the build, especially the cooperative multiplayer mode, which will be included in the game right from the beginning. The exact date when the game will appear in Steam Early Access is yet to be announced, but according to the studio’s official announcement, it won’t take long.

Dead Effect 2 for iOS and Android has been released!


The story of the Dead Effect project continues. After months of blood, sweat and tears our heroes rise again tonight to face danger far greater than anything they have ever fought. Join them on their quest for freedom!

You can download Dead Effect 2 for free from Google Play or App Store.

Dead Effect 2 official release date announced


Right in time for E3 in Los Angeles, BadFly Interactive announced the official release date for Dead Effect 2. The game is coming out in the middle of September 2015 and will be chock full of top-notch graphics, upgradable weapons of various calibers and sizes, new types of deadly enemies, and most of all, it will offer a complex and enticing story supplemented by a number of individual missions. Head to the official Dead Effect 2 website for more news and the official trailer: www.deadeffect2.com.

Dead Effect 2 is coming!


We have launched a website for our upcoming game - Dead Effect 2 where you can find more informations about the game as well as screenshots and videos.

Dead Effect for PC & MAC has been released


Dead Effect for PC & MAC has been released in its full version! Thanks to the success of the Early Access game and the support of our fans, we were able to finish the game. We have come a long way since the first PC/MAC version in terms of both quality and playability. The improvements are huge, ranging from upgraded graphics to new enemies and abilities. You can find the full game on Steam.

Big things have small beginnings


It's finally here. Another huge step for our team, which will keep us alive. We've managed to find a partner for the development of our games - Synot


Synot's help will allow us to realize our plans and dreams for the future. Thanks to this lottery giant's considerable financial support, we were able to boost our development and bolster our ranks. Synot has also allowed us to have complete creative freedom. Together we have established a new company, BadFly Interactive a.s., with a goal to develop great games.

With these new resources and contacts, we want to do things faster and more effectively. Our main goal is to finish our new title, Dead Effect 2, within the next 10 months. We hope that it'll become a new favorite among our fans. We’re also planning to finish work on Dead Effect 1 for the PC and MAC by Christmas of this year, including various language mutations.

BadFly Dev Team.